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For active citizens willing both
to learn how to provide the First aid, and to
acquire the status of a rescuer

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For businesses, government organizations
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The "VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP" public association

was established to improve the quality, optimize and introduce transparency of the processes the Ukrainians face when undergoing mandatory and periodic medical examinations.

Since the beginning of the war, this public association has been collaborating with caring rescuers, doctors, patrol police officers and other professionals: these professionals have proven their competence in providing the First aid and are willing and able to help injured persons they encounter. The "VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP" public association organizes trainings in the First aid for the citizens of Ukraine.
Our goal: 500 thousand volunteer rescuers
to help injured persons within the first 15
minutes following an accident! Become a Rescuer

Current Problems Faced by Rescue Emergency Care

In Ukraine,
150,000 people die annually
from sudden cardiac death and various

It takes Emergency Medical Group teams
45 minutes on average to reach injured persons

Medical facilities and emergency medical
services are often late
Injured persons are encountered by people
lacking skills for providing the First aid
A lion’s share of people die without receiving
help, due to the lack of the emergency help
call system in Ukraine
Finding the exact address of injured persons
is extremely difficult and sometimes
impossible due to the destroyed buildings

DocRadar is the first mobile service for
calling rescuers

The service provides an opportunity to search
for rescuers, patrol police officers or doctors
who are nearest to the incident scene (the
search is real quick and free) to make sure
injured persons receive the First aid

The application is available for
both clients and specialists
Emergency call
of rescuers at any time
and in any place
Searching for rescuers within a radius of 1 to 30 kilometers
Direct communication
with rescuers
Assisting rescuers in organizing the
evacuation of injured persons

We save lives and support
citizens at times of need

The "VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP" will provide an opportunity to build an extended partnership through involving and expanding the circle of project participants

For Volunteers

Gaining knowledge and skills in providing the
First aid under courses taught by the Ukrainian
Red Cross Society

Become a Rescuer

For Organizations

Any business, government or NGOs willing to

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How it Works


An injured person makes an Emergency Call
in the DocRadar application


Rescuers within a radius of 30 km receive an
emergency call with the exact location of
injured persons


The nearest rescuers provide the First aid in
a timely manner and organize the evacuation
of injured persons

Program Initiators

The “VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP" Public Association foresees its integration into structures of both the government and amalgamated communities to enable rescuers’ rapid response to various incidents in any communities

Values We Share


Supplementing and not replacing functions of
the relevant public services


Which means getting involved
in providing the First aid for free (social

Publicity and Transparency

Broad communication with the public by
using an IT system open to expanding the
circle of participants


Pre-selecting and training rescuers
(paramedics) based on their soft skills, training
them in mastering hard skills

More Values

Become a Rescuer

Rescuers of VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP will be provided with a significant discount for training the First aid skills in 200+ cities of Ukraine, with the receipt of the Red Cross international certificate



How can I become a rescuer of the Volunteer Rescue Group?

Click the button in the window on our website and fill in the application form. We will form a training group in your city and invite you to pay and undergo training.

How many hours does the pre-medical care
training course last, and what is the price?

The training lasts 6 hours at a discounted price of 399 UAH. The price is valid on the condition of the rescuer of VOLUNTEER RESCUE GROUP i) downloads the "DocRadar-for Specialists" mobile application; and ii) registers as a Rescuer in it.

Can business and organizations order
corporate trainings?

Yes, they can. Click the BECOME A PARTNER button in the ORGANIZATIONS window on our website, and fill in the application form. We will promptly contact you to agree on the training date and the number of trainees.

What is the motivation for rescuers to
provide the First aid to injured persons?

Providing the First aid to injured persons is our free social service today. However, our partners - national radio broadcasting stations and TV companies - will talk about cases of salvation and name our heroes on air. We plan to provide our rescuers with vehicles and special equipment in the future.
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